Update Block darodar.com econom.co and ilovevitaly.com referral traffic

[Update] Block darodar.com econom.co and ilovevitaly.com referral traffic


If ilovevitaly.co spam traffic is showing in your google analytics then read below article.

Block ilovevitaly.co referral spam traffic.

Oh my god this month is going to be full of spam referral traffic. You already know about darodar referral spam , econom spam, and now the new one rising is ilovevitaly.com . My blog was getting some new referral traffic from ilovevitaly.com and found that it was a spam traffic. Today I’m going to show how to block all of these with just single javascript code and php code.Your website is getting referral traffic from all of the these, than you have to add some simple code to your website. If there is any new spam bot start to break your analytics properties I will be updating this article only. Because I have already written to stop darodar and econom and now I’m writing to block this ilovevitaly.com.

Every webmaster is getting confused with adding the code. Where to add, how to add so on. So I’m giving some simple code which you can use without editing your .htaccess file.

What is this spam traffic?

I have written everything you need to know about referral traffic and these spam referrals. Read these articles.

Stop bad referral traffic to your website.

Block darodar.com referral traffic.

Block econom.co referral traffic.

Check if your website is getting spam traffic

When there is spam traffic hitting your blog its reported by analytics with 100% bounce rate. There will be no session duration and page view will be your homepage only. If this kind of traffic is hitting your property a lot times then you might search for it and please comment below so I can also look for it and can get some solution for it.

So now let’s just block them

You just have to add this code in your website between head tag and php website user has to add the code in header.php file.

Javascript code (block darodar, econom, ilovevitaly)

<script type='text/javascript'>

var blocklink = ['http://darodar.com','http://econom.co','http://ilovevitaly.com'];

for (var b = blocklink.length; b--;) {

if (document.referrer.match(blocklink[b]))

window.location = "http://google.com/";



PHP code (block darodar,econom, ilovevitaly)

$blocklink = ['http://darodar.com', 'http://econom.co','http://ilovevitaly.com'];

foreach ($blocklink as $value) {

if ($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERRER'] == $value)

header('Location: http://google.com/');



  1. Thanks for the comments that the code is displaying physically on the page. Try adding this in your header.php file of your theme folder.

echo"<script language='javascript'>

var blocklink = ['http://darodar.com','http://econom.co','http://ilovevitaly.com'];

for (var b = blocklink.length; b--;) {

if (document.referrer.match(blocklink[b]))

window.location = "http://google.com/";




  1. A new referral iedit.ilovevitaly.com is showing in analytics that will be blocked with the same code above.
  2. One more sub domain of ilovevitaly is being showing from today morning is shoping.ilovevitaly.com and it will be blocked with the same code.

Some users are having problem implementing the code and for some the code is not working. Please see the below article.

Block darodar ilovevitaly with analytics filters.

Please share this article and comment when any unknown traffic shows in your analytics property that you doubt is a spam traffic.

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